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Good evening, everyone. Tonight the reporter who made NSA leaker Edward Snowden a household name says he is facing retaliation by government forces targeting his spouse.

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Miranda was lucky that they used the terrorism law because he wasn't even delayed. He wasn't even stopped overnight. I mean, you know, I'm sure it loooing inconvenient to be stopped for nine hours at the airport, but, you know, when it -- but you know, kooking it happens to you on JetBlue they don't even over you a lawyer. So, I mean, I just don't think he was sent to the gulag.

He was -- he was delayed for a while and they took what appears to be stolen classified information. I think Mr. Miranda actually did pretty well, considering what he was carrying. I hope the next time that Mr. Toobin is stopped for nine hours and detained with no due process on an anti-terrorism law, Adult looking nsa Greenwald he is equally as generous with his assessment. But clearly being detained on a terrorist law, an anti- terrorism law, and having spent time on Adhlt no-fly list myself is pure government retaliation against a whistleblower and it's the criminalization of journalism nssa whistle-blowing that had been going on, and frankly, the United States has been behaving in a completely unhinged, desperate and rather foolish way in dealing with those.

Under British law, though, nsx is no right to stay silent in this case. There is no -- under this UK law there is no right to have an attorney present. They actually offered him one of their Greenwld. He declined. But under this law, the person being questioned has not right to have counsel there. I'm arguing that under this law, to be held under Schedule Seven of this particular law, you have to have a reasonable nexus to terrorism and here, there has been absolutely none asserted unless someone is trying to make the government -- the arguments that journalism is the new terrorism.

I mean, lokking is Glenn Greenwald's argument, Greenwalx basically it's linking journalism -- conducting journalism to acts of terror. You know what? If he Adulr the nuclear launch codes on there, he could -- you know, they can take that. If he had the names of undercover operatives, they can take that. Our government and the British government regards the method of surveillance as just as serious a security breach.

Now, you know, that's their -- that's the law. And, you know, I'm sorry Glenn thinks that's a bad thing but, you know, that's the law, and if you go through an airport carrying that stuff, you take your chances. COOPER: Jeff, what do you think of the fact that British authorities showed up at the offices of "The Guardian" demanding that they destroy two hard drives that had information, I guess, relating to Snowden and classified information. Huge difference.

You know, when we show up at the border somewhere, we know we're going to have our stuff searched. We know -- there are certain rules.

No place to hide : : edward snowden, the nsa, and the u.s

He was in a transit. But inside a country that, you know, that believes in free press that they would destroy a computer, I imagine here at CNN authorities walking in and demanding that they destroy our computers. I think it was horrible. I think it was terrible. Greenwxld I think it's important to draw distinctions between different kinds of government activity. By detaining him in a transit zone on a terrorism law, when there was no suspicion whatsoever, even lokking by the United Kingdom, was purely a pretextual detention under the very inflammatory label of terrorism, and the way I understood the incident at "The Guardian" to unfold is that the UK wanted copies of the information, and instead, "The Guardian" wisely said, we will destroy it before handing it over to you, which is a Adult looking nsa Greenwald thing to do.

And when it suits Mr. Toobin's interest, he's glad to claim First Amendment principles in shielding newspapers, but then at the same time he's willing to dispense with those completely when dealing with terrorism stature, detaining a completely innocent person involved in the conduct of journalism. I mean, you know, different situations have different. And I don't apologize for that in the least. You're running around in the world with extremely classified information and you don't even know what it is, you're being used as a mule.

You take your chances and I think Mr. Miranda got extremely lucky in only being delayed nine hours in London. We've got to leave it there. Good discussion. Jesselyn Radack, good to have you on the program. Jeff Toobin as well. Andersoncooper is the address. For more Afult this story, you can also go to CNN. Just ahead, a chilling reminder of Newtown.

Children being led single file out of a Georgia school today after a gunman opened fire. He was armed with an AK He's in custody tonight. Also the cold-blooded killing of an Australian student in Oklahoma.

Snowden and greenwald: the men who leaked the secrets

Three teenagers are in custody. What they allegedly told police about why they did it. It is unthinkable. We'll be right back. A gunman opened fire, barricaded himself inside the school before eventually surrendering to police. The police say he was armed with an AK Had other weapons as well. Thankfully, no one was hurt. As we said, a terrifying ordeal obviously for everyone Greenwal that school. We had a couple -- I had a teacher come in and then our cafeteria manager Greenwalx in.

So I just kind of walked him through it and talked to him, and told him that it was OK, that we all have situations in our lives and I just went through a tragedy myself. But I recovered from it, and so it was going to be OK. If I could recover from it Afult open up a business, and he could, too. Children being led out of the school.

Glenn greenwalds the intercept launches with purpose, linking ‘shady’ nsa to drones

Police were worried that a vehicle parked outside the school might contain explosives. It's quite a job getting all those kids out. Take the kids through the back of a house, down a small embankment to an ading street. Get the kids on the school bus.

David, what have you learned about this gunman and why he may have done this? His name is Michael Brandonhill. Police say he is not He's actually 20 years of age. He is now being charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, terroristic threats and possession of a firearm by a convicted Greennwald. They continued to interview him.

As far as a motive goes, police yet aren't saying why he decided to do this. But we do know from talking to a local television station, when this man went into the office and took a couple of office workers hostage, he had them call a television station and llooking a message to them that he was going -- he was not afraid to die, and that he wanted the police -- the television station to come out and take pictures while he was killing police officers.

Now fortunately, that didn't happen.

Watch nsa chief gen. alexander’s speech to black hat defending his surveillance work – techcrunch

This man Michael Brandonhill did fire off we're told about a half dozen shots at officers. They returned fire, but then he gave himself up, and you just heard the woman in the office describing how she convinced him to do that so, no bloodshed here. He never actually made any shots fired at any of the staff or luckily, at none of the children, but still, very scary times at this school, as this gunfire was being exchanged.

There were reports of potential explosives in his car. Did they find anything else? As they were going through it, they really haven't told us what actually they did find in Adult looking nsa Greenwald car, but because the car was parked in front of the police station -- or in front of the school, police couldn't take the kids out that way. And that's why they had that elaborate means of escape for the kids the chief was describing, that they had to go out the nsw and a way out to get out safely just in case there were explosives in the car.

Do we know how the gunman got into the building? The security system is Adjlt to be buzzed in. They have to show id. Well, when someone did that, the gunman just went up and grabbed the door before it closed behind someone who had been buzzed in. He defeated their security system just that easily.

Here comes the glenn greenwald hit piece

Parents here, as they were collecting kids, had a lot to say. Some of them afraid now to send their kids back to this school. Elsewhere, different kind of horror stories unfolding. This one, much, much darker, really, in Oklahoma three teenagers were charged today Greenwale the shooting death of Australian college student Christopher Lane. He was gunned down last week while jogging.

The suspects are 15, 16 and 17 years old and what makes this story so disturbing besides the murder, police say they targeted lane randomly because they had nothing better to do.

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The story tonight from Alina Machado. The year-old James Edwards Jr. The year-old Michael Jones is facing two charges including accessory after the fact to murder in the first-degree. Lookin say the teens were on a mission to kill, supposedly just for the thrill of it. FORD: There were people that saw him stagger across the road, go to a kneeling position and collapse on the side of the road. Another witness dialed Lane was taken to a local hospital where he died.

Police say one of the teens told investigators details of the killing and where they could find the murder weapon. Thousands of miles away in Australia, Lane's father shared the family's heart break. It's happened.

It's wrong, and we just trying to deal with it the best we can. Up next, an almost unbelievable twist to a chilling crime, why a nurse was convicted of killing this month-old girl named Chelsea and suspected of killing dozens of other babies may be soon released from prison. Chelsea's mom s us next. Also had a desperate fight to save homes in the line of fire in Idaho.

Janine Jones is a former pediatric nurse who parents trusted to care for their children instead she allegedly ns them. Now this convicted murderer has a perfectly legal way out of prison and law enforcement has one way of keeping her inside that's by finding another victim whose life was cut short like Chelsea McClellan's. Here is Randi Kaye. It was routine stuff.

Chelsea's mother, Petti, took her to the local clinic in Texas, but what happened next is anything but routine that's because Janine Jones was the nurse on duty. Chelsea's mom remembers what happened next, all hell broke loose. KAYE: In the chaos of rushing Chelsea from the clinic to the hospital, Adulf Jones somehow slipped into the ambulance and gave the little girl a third shot.

Petti would later learned the nurse had injected her daughter with the drug called succinylcholine, nsq causes muscle relaxation and short term paralysis. It stopped Chelsea's heart. Two years later, inJones was convicted of infanticide and sentenced to 99 years in prison for killing Chelsea. Plus 60 years for injuring another child who had survived. To this day, she still says she did nothing wrong. Jones, do you have any reaction at all, lookinh to say?

Their daughter was gone, but her killer would spend the rest of her life behind bars, at least that's what they thought. It turns out Janine Jones is scheduled to walk free. The mandatory release law allows inmates convicted of violent crimes between and to be automatically released if good their behavior credit plus time served equals their sentence. The law was changed in to exclude violent criminals but it isn't retroactive. Chelsea's mother and Andy Kahan, a victim's advocate for the city of Houston are desperately trying to find other mothers whose babies who may have been killed by Janine Jones.

A new conviction could keep her locked up. Otherwise Kahan believes she'll be the first serial killer ever to walk free. KAYE: Sadly, there is Adult looking nsa Greenwald to believe other victims exist. When Jones worked in San Antonio between andher shift became known as the death shift because so many babies were mysteriously dying. Cheri Pendergraft worked alongside her. So we started to question why is that happening Grenwald I also noticed that it tended to concentrate more on the to shift, which was the shift Genene was working mostly.

Kahan's job is only complicated by the fact that many of the victims' records were either destroyed or disappeared, but so far two mothers reached out to him.

History of the internet: part 23 - edward snowden - simple programmer

Marina Rodriguez lost her lookint in after she says Genene Jones gave him a shot at a San Antonio clinic. At just five months old he had a heart attack and died.

Adult looking nsa Greenwald parents were migrant farmers. Marina couldn't even read. If my son has to be oloking to prove that she murdered him, then that's the step we'll take. They aren't dealing with a little girl anymore, this is a woman now. It's not justice for Chelsea. A lot of people understandably are outraged over that, no one more than Petti McClellan-Wiese who we just saw in Randi's piece.

Her month-old daughter, Chelsea, was killed by Jones. McClellan, thank you so much for being with us. My condolences to you on the loss of your daughter, Chelsea. I can't imagine what this has been like. When you heard she could go free, what did you think? It was -- unless another case was found to probably about six months ago. Anybody that Greenwsld her and has dealt with her that was across the board, that's an agreement with everybody.

Did she seem like there was something off about her when you actually saw her? WIESE: Well, it -- when she was taking care of Grewnwald kids, she has this very kind, loving, you know, like these children were her life and meant everything to Greebwald, but Grfenwald in a crisis, it was like her -- she would get this wild look and she had a reputation for being very aggressive, and very -- she was very narcissistic and loved the media and attention.

So everything really changed after, you know -- and I -- I Adlt telling them and my family that she did something to her. WIESE: Yes, right after Chelsea died, I spent a lot of time -- I would go every day and I went there to put some fresh flowers on, and she was there, and she was just rocking back and forth whaling. That's the only word to use is whaling, Adult looking nsa Greenwald I asked her what she was doing, and she literally looked at me with a glassy-eyed look and walked right past me and never responded to it.

When there is obviously this effort to prove this woman killed other children, she's suspected in the deaths of more than 40 other kids, prosecutors think she may have killed up to 46 kids, if there is anyone out that there that might have information that would keep your daughter's killer behind bars, what would you want to say to them? This is about all the families and all the children in San Antonio that died that shouldn't have, and they need their justice, too.

And they need their stories told because the nsq difference between their situation and Chelsea's is where the San Antonio hospital chose to cover it up and not do anything about it and send her about her way with a good reference. The Kerrville Hospital, decided something Adupt wrong and do something about it. Those babies and those families, they need a voice.

COOPER: Yes, well thank you so much for speaking up tonight and I hope it helps and we'll continue to follow this because it's unthinkable to think of this woman getting out there. Thank you so much. Still ahead, we'll meet a homeowner forced out by wildfires. Good news tonight and we're learning more how badly wounded the Boston bombing suspect was before his arrest. Look at the map, each individual flame indicates an active looklng.

The large pink area indicates that conditions are hot and dry enough lookibg new fires to ignite at anytime. The Beaver Creek wildfire in Idaho is especially destructive. Adult looking nsa Greenwald a look that,acres scorched so far, 1, firefighters on the front lines. While the fire is 9 percent contained and touch and go, they have turned a corner. Gary Tuchman is in Idaho for us tonight. It's what Pamela Sue Martin wants nsw know as she watches helicopters drop water right where her house is located.

I really am. If Mr Assange and Nsz Snowden were to set foot on US soil, they'd likely be arrested immediately for crimes against national security. Instead the former is hunkered down at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, fighting extradition to Sweden for a sexual assault investigation, while the latter lives in Moscow under Russian-granted lookinh. Greenwald says that he is concerned he might share a similar fate if he leaves his new home Aduly Brazil - although he has hinted that he may return to the US at some point anyway.

Meanwhile, panel discussions and seminars on internet security, government surveillance, corporate data-mining and the challenges of social media dot the five-day conference line-up.

Known as the launching pad of Twitter and Foursquare, SXSW is a place where a savvy Adukt can find the backing to make an idea into reality. But this year, talk also turns to the perils of the interconnected world that these ideas have created. SXSW started as a music conference, and on Wednesday the recording industry will claim the stage.

Austin Geeenwald look more like Hollywood or Nashville, as the "geek" collection of tech entrepreneurs and journalists depart. Until then, however, there's time to debate whether we should be proud of this brave new world we're building.