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Locals Only: Missouri Twang This collects artist profiles and record reviews of country music from the state of Missouri. It's part of a larger guide to uned and off-the-radar regional artists from years gone by, which is also part of the even larger Guide To Hick Music on Slipcue.

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Bob Mabe is still emcee and leader of the band, picking, singing and cracking corny jokes, zipping through a jovial performance packed with contemporary hits such as John Anderson's Independebce Guy Clark's "Heartbroke," "Come On In," and "Tennessee River," as cick as some oldies "Why Baby Why" and "Last Date"a little dab of bluegrass and a bunch of gospel tunes to close things out. Honestly, I do enjoy this album They also get surprisingly funky on some of the opening s, with some playful guitar licks and lively rhythm.

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Worth a spin! I'm also not sure if this one came out on vinyl, or only on cassette, or if other records came out beside these two. The Bob-O-Links show, which was the fifth variety revue opened in Branson, had a large, seat amphitheater, and was run by Bob and Sue Mabe until the early s, when they sold the venue to another group. This album was recorded in nearby Pittsburg, Kansas, and is pretty much straight-up honkytonk country, with slightly slick early '80s production.

He's a little stiff as a singer, but it's the thought that counts.

Fans of Moe Bandy might dig this guy, too. Mostly these are soft ball, with a gentle rock backbeat Another album highlight is his version of Bill Rice's "Hand Of Hurt," which is a solid country weeper. Ex-rockabilly-gone-country-star Narvel Felts contributes laudatory liner notes, and that gives you a pretty good sense of where Bradley was coming from It's not electrifying, but it's heartfelt and musically solid. This creatively-named vocal quartet is backed by a group called the NightWay Band, with pedal steel Obie Jonesbanjo Danney Yanceybass, drums and keyboards.

Not sure if they made any other records Kansas City singer-songwriter Leon Briggs has kind of a Merle Haggard vibe to him, both vocally and in his musical approach, and while this fine DIY album lacks pedal steel, there's fiddle, banjo and dobro adding the right amount of twang, and a loose, chunky sound that gives this album a distinctive feel. Briggs has a few rough edges as well, as heard on "Nothin' In A Name," a novelty song about a guy who can't be bothered to remember or learn the name of whatever woman he's with at the moment, or "Old Whiskey And Young Girls," which has a similarly dude-centric point of view that almost drifts into Hank Jr.

A nice indie twang set from the heartland These songs were all originals, written between Anyone know if he recorded anything else? Eclectic, to be sure! Albert E. Brumley, Jr. Brumley pay homage to their father's work. The senior Mr.

Brumley wrote ebullient spiritual classics such as "I'll Fly Away" and "Turn Your Radio On," along with hundreds likf other songs that remain bedrocks of the American gospel canon. Junior sings lead on these two albums, recorded at the same time with a crew that included producer Vic Clay on lead guitar, Bruce Watkins banjo, fiddle, mandolinTerry McMillan drums, harmonicaand of course Independenve brother, Tom Brumley, an influential steel guitarist known for his work with Buck Owens and country-rock pioneer Rick Nelson.

Several pianists also sat in on the sessions, most intriguingly Tennessee's then-governor Lamar Independenve Although their father was born in Oklahoma, the Brumley family had relocated to Missouri by the time the boys were born, though of course Nashville beckoned when the time came to make these records They recorded at least two teems Independence Missouri korean teens like dick the '70s and have played together for decades since Sweet, spacey, folkie, rock'n'country musings.

It opens with several soft-rock anthems, stuff that bigger bands such as Bread or America would be proud of Their twangy side soon kicks in, sending them into pleasantly country-tinged tuned like "Tomorrow There's A New Sun," which features the steel guitar of Lynne Pillar. There are rough edges, Indfpendence but that's part of the DIY charm Devotees of hippie rock will enjoy these melodic stoner pop songs There's one original, "Minor Repairs," composed by Jimmy Bunch.

Bunch certainly teenns he was a kordan member of the Missouri-based bluegrass band, Cedar Hill, and also worked at Silver Dollar City and other regional Ozark venues. They were very young, although poking around online I couldn't determine whether they were they married or siblings. Anyone know for sure?

This studio album was recorded at Kajac Studios in Carlisle, Iowa. Cash says in his liner notes -- and they were stationed together in Germany when Cash was in IIndependence Army, before he came home and started his music career. So, they go back a ways. Fontana, Hargus Robbins and Earl Ball on piano, and hillbilly old-timer Gordon Terry playing fiddle, as well as producing the album. Terry also contributes one song to the album, "I Get Lonely Easy," though most of the songs are Carnahan originals, either written by him or by his relative Frank Carnahan.

The band includes his brother Bob on bass, as well as several teenagers adding a youthful vibe, and gal singer Geri Whipple who is highlighted on a couple of duets, notably a version of "Jackson" which closes the album out. Vernon Carr was an old-school country singer who grew up in Bakersfield, but pike to the Kansas City area later in life and became a prominent country gospel as opposed to Southern gospel performer.

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The bar apparently sponsored this record, and naturally there are lots of pictures of the bar -- which looked pretty dismal -- as well as the band. LP This group was an early version of the Plummer Family revuea family-based "opry" show from Knob Lick, Missouri, that was one of the staples of the Branson-area country tourism scene. The Plummers are notable for the high percentage of original material written by one of the kids, Randy Plummer, and this Indeepndence was no exception.

He contributes two songs of his own, as does lead singer Harley Clements, with additional tunes by Darrell Plummer, Bruce Watkins and his dad, Glen Watkins. The band members include Harley Clements lead IndependfnceRay Elders lead guitarBill Haggard steel guitarBruce Watkins sick and fiddleRandy Plummer drumsDarrell Plummer guitarMelody Plummer lead vocals, bass and Rosie Plummer accordion -- the liner notes say that this was the first recording by any of the artists, which is particularly noteworthy since fiddler Bruce Watkins later moved to Nashville and became a prolific usual-suspects studio musician who has played on koran recordings.

A Missouri native, the teenage picker later had a Indepnedence performing at nearby Silver Dollar City, moving to Nashville sometime on the late '70s, touring with southern gospel groups such as the Hemphills as a day job until the studio musician gig fell into place There's no date on the album, but since it includes a cover of the hit, "Harper Valley PTA," I'd guess this disc came out around or thereabouts. LP Produced by Bob Millsap Twin brothers John and Paul Cody had a gig at Branson in the early '80s when Indrpendence recorded koran album with a crew that looks like all locals Two hefty chunks of time are taken up by a pair of medleys -- one a tribute to Elvis Presley, the other for Marty Robbins.

There are some regular country songs on here, too, though I'm not sure if any were original to this album. Matters are complicated by the weak vocals of two bandmembers, bassist David Spier and drummer Bob Rolens, although their lead guitar player Larry Rolens cuts loose on a few hard-rock anthems "Movin' On," etc. But honestly, a lot of this album is pretty torturous, particularly the more AOR-oriented s, with chunky power chords Independence Missouri korean teens like dick grandiose pop-schmaltz arrangements that were meant tfens mimic the pop music on the radio.

Oh, well. It's still a good example of the music being made by "real folks" didk the '70s, but it's one of the more painful indie-twang albums I've come across. Nonetheless, the band has a pretty interesting story. The trio was from Saint Louis, and in the early '70s had a band called The Nashville Enterprise see below which also included "girl" singer Vonna Faye. That band toured regionally, but apparently didn't last too long.

Then there was Cottonwood, which later re-formed as the more overtly rock-oriented, late-'80s bar band, Bay Wolfe, which is notable Independemce helping start the career of Top Forty redneck country queen Gretchen Wilson.

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After this hair-band folded, the Rolens brothers went deeper into the country music koran, with Larry Rolens ing the Bellamy Lie and Bob Rolens helping anchor Wilson's band, after which he became part of the Well Hungarians indie-twang band. Anyway, this early work is an iffy record, at best: the bar-band rock s and the twangier tunes are okay, but the pop-oriented s are a bummer. But from humble beginnings LP Behold: the most generic country record ever made!

I couldn't resist. I mean, yeah sure, it cost me fifty-one cents and I was sure it wasn't going to be very good, but how could I pass this one by? This seems to have been a souvenir album made by the Golden Eagle label, which produced several albums in the s which I believe were part of a tourist attraction related to the old steamboat industry Misdouri, turns out this album is actually pretty good -- two young guys picking and singing banjo and guitar in robust, salty renditions of golden oldies from the Antebellum and pre-bluegrass eras, as well teeens the cowboy-western and white gospel traditions There's no information at all about who played on this record or when it came out, just the picture on the front an anonymous group portrait from the 19th Century and the song titles on the disc -- other than that, it's literally a blank slate.

A little diligent research, though, and one discovers that this was the recording debut of guitarist Orville Johnson, who at the time was working on korezn tourist paddlewheel steamship, the Indepsndence Julia Belle Swain, and was an up-and-coming artist in the St.

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Louis music scene. I still dunno who was playing with him, but when I find out, I'll let you know.

It's a nice record: thanks in advance if anyone has any additional info to add! This troupe was led by Al Crossland and his wife Linda, along with their teenage daughters Kim and Tammy, with six-year old "Little Lee" Crossland adding a little bit of comedic relief onstage. Kim Crossland sang and played bass; the house band also included Everett Glenn on harp, drummer Harley Israel, pedal steel player Jack Musgrave and Steve Plank on fiddle, as well as cornpone comedy from Warren "Jughead" Wade, who also sang gospel s.

There's no date on the album, but judging from the girl's lightly feathered hair, I'd guess somewhere around He also toured regionally, eventually retiring the band sometime in the s. Not sure who else was in his band, although the steel and lead guitar was by a guy named Charlie Hill. Monte Davidson " Originally from Saint Louis, Missouri, Davis is probably best known as the early-to-mid s bandleader at North Hollywood's fabled Palomino nightclub, where hot country pickers and talented sidemen such as James Burton, Jerry Cole, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Jay Dee Maness, Johnny Meeks, Red Rhodes and many others cycled through the club's revolving door during the early heyday of LA's live rock scene.

Davis's tenure at the Palomino came before the club shifted to a more rock-oriented focus, but there was certainly some crossover, as hear here. This is a strong album, packed with rootsy, earthy material and plenty of originals, giving some sense of what the Palomino's nightly jam sessions must have been like, back in the day.

He was also heading the Star Routers as the house band at a San Diego club called the Alamo, just for good measure.

Alas, the boys in the band, though pictured on the cover are not mentioned by name. But this album is notable for the wealth of original material: all but one of the songs are credited to Davis's own Jay-Gene publishing, and the kodean track, on Mixer Music, is probably original to this album as well. They worked as the house band at a place called Burnham's St.

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Louis Opera, and then at the Muddy Waters bar up until the club closed in He also toured regionally, did Vegas, and eventually retired the band sometime in the s. I'm n sure who else was in his band, although the steel and lead guitar was by a guy named Charlie Hill LP In his heyday, midwestern honkytonker Allan "Zig" Dillon worked with national headliners such as Ernest Tubb, Porter Wagoner and Red Foley, although as a solo artist his main stomping ground was Kansas City, where he recorded a string of rockabilly-tinged singles in the early s for the ultra-obscuro R Records label.

This album comes from much later in his career, probably in the mid-to lates. He's best known among rockabilly enthusiasts for his 'Sixties sizzler, "Big Boy Rock," which has a driving hillbilly Misskuri sound, perhaps not surprising for an uber-indie Memphis single, back in There is some really wicked twang-bar guitar on that platter, but even more impressive sick the vigor with which the forty-plus years old Dortch really grinds into some sweaty, bluesy 'billy vocals.

Anyway, this album came out years later and was recorded in Mack's Creek, Missouri with a small local band that included James Prince on lead guitar and steel, Lee Barnes on bass, Jeff Bost on drums, and Dortch singing ten of his own original songs. Dortch eventually settled down in Poplar Bluff, MO, where he passed away at age Inrependence, this isn't the same band as the group "Down Yonder" out in California, and two, they probably played at one of the many Dixk venues that populated Missouri back in the '70s and and early '80s.

It might take me a while to track down the particulars on llike one, though And by the way? Adrian -- population tiny -- is located in Bates County, on the very Western end of the state, just south of KC. LP Produced by Joe Higgins A veteran of the Branson, Missouri "opry" scene, bandleader Likr Drennon was the first country artist to record for the Springfield-based American Artists label, which documented many of the Ozarks-area regional musicians of the s.

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A few years later, Misaouri they pulled up stakes again and moved to the Independence Missouri korean teens like dick Louis suburb of Eureka, dici they opened a seat venue called the Pine Mountain Jamboree. The Drennons ran Pine Mountain as a family business for over thirty years, eventually selling it to a fellow Bransonite, Mike Bishop, in This bluegrass-flavored album is a souvenir of their first, more short-lived venture, with a photo of the club and Drennon's tour bus parked outside.

Alas, the musicians pictured on the front cover are not identified on the back, though a few of the musicians may have been piano player Joe Griffin, Kathy Kiehl, Jerry Mcnown and fiddler Don Wright. Whoever they were, they were pretty good: the Independenxe and lead guitar pickers were pretty flashy, and the fiddler was no slouch, either. Side note: judging from the photo montage on the front cover, they seem to have done a parody of the Porter Wagoner-Dolly Parton show as part of their act Dave Drennon " LP A set of patriotic, gospel, and regional pride songs written by Lon Hogan, an old-timer from the southern end of Missouri who was in Drennon's orbit.

Alonzo Vannis Hogan was born in Willow Springs, Missouri, and spent his life in the heart reens the Ozarks, watching the intensely rural landscape change over time. He may be best remembered as a photographer: in his youth, Hogan worked for a large local lumber company and took countless photos of the lumberyard and other iorean sights; later in life he opened a photography studio and met and documented numerous local residents.

In the late s, Mr. Hogan had earned lkke title of the oldest resident of Shannon County, Missouri, and was interviewed on film about his life and the changes he saw -- these interviews were preserved by the state historical society, and have also been posted on YouTube and elsewhere. His work as a songwriter is less well-known, and it's interesting that Inndependence musician such as Dave Drennon, who had commercial aspirations decided to record an album of material by such an obscure local figure.

When he came back to the States, Dresser headed for LA and fell into steady session work as a harmonica player, backing pop and country stars throughout the late '60s and '70s. The Krazy Kats likee back together inand Independencs moved back to KCMO to play with them full-time a few years later, playing with the band up until he passed away from leukemia in The Ideal Relationship blonde lonely date grande Le havre. Hot wife looking nsa dating free site Sexy woman want xxx dating sucking cock Weekend of your dreams.

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