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The 'ready to load'. Do NOT rely on the INI that comes with your tuning software, even if it has the correct version it may be out of date and not have the latest updates and corrections. NNeed help file for this code is here: This help file contains information on the tuning parameters and datalogged values in this code.

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To work properly, this code requires TunerStudioMS version 2. Users requiring loar a single spark output al and using a single engine position input, such as for a distributor or a single engine position input such as crank wheel but no cam al might find it simpler Neeed use the 2. Do not change settings, expect the stim to work, load an MSQ, etc. As of the 2. To load the. This application installs much like any other Windows application.

To use the downloader. You can get the latest code and matching INI from this link: www. If you have a problem connecting to the controller, see the tips here: www.

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Remove the bootloader wire from its ground connection. You will need to download and activate the latest INI file. Click the 'Browse' button. Locate the INI file you downloaded for the link above www. squirrt

Click on the appropriate INI file you download from the code www. Finally, reload the MSQ file aka.

If you have changed code versions, you should recreate your settings file aka. A major improvement in v3.

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This option, while leaving the code logic intact, greatly simplifies the Dual Spark setup for the user. The user only needs to follow some simple instructions at: www.

This code also simplifies the Fuel Injection Timing Neev by allowing the user to enter start of injection in crank degrees relative to TDC compression of cylinder 1. The same relative timing will automatically be applied to all other cylinders, takingwith some limitations, of odd-fire offset.

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This sampling is now separate from injection start angle. Preliminary Model Based features, such as manifold filling and residual gas models were added. Extended Odd-Fire angle logic for 4, 6 and 8 cylinders, as well as 2 cylinders, in both wasted and fully sequential modes.

Fuel and Spark Trims. The resolution is 0.

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NOTE: trims are not used in any wasted spark mode, since you do not know which is the actual cylinder being fired. Cranking Pulsewidth Option. In addition, a new input, nskpCPW, allows the user to specify the of tach events between simultaneous injections. This is illustrated in the figure below: Note that you must cycle power afterward if CPWOption is changed.

V3 microsquirt® controller code

Note also that there is no control of when injections begin during cranking when the simultaneous CPW option is used because it makes no sense. Another thing to note is that fuel trim is not added into the cranking pulse width. Finally, when the mode changes from wasted to sequential during cranking, simultaneous CPW continues until past cranking rpm.

Added fixed width and duty cycle loqd options for tachout pulses. A soft rev limit was added as a third option.

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This starts randomly cutting fuel to the cylinders starting at Rpm1, with complete fuel cut by Rpm2. This in no way replaces the normal warmup enrichment, which compensates for poor fuel mixing and poor combustion - which are separate effects from wall wetting.

Added ature in Table Descriptors. Fixed bug in sync search for wheel gap.

Added nested interrupts to allow operation with Android phones. Fixed overflow problem in warmup. See the 3.

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