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A modern movement has renewed efforts to pass the ERA, still believing in the necessity of a constitutional guarantee of the broad legal and social equality of women first advanced years ago. Her anti-slavery colleagues, who made up a large part of the meeting, including mentor Lucretia Mott Salm her husband Henry Stanton, were suspicious of the demand for suffrage because these moralistic and religious reformers believed that politics was corrupt and that womeen way to obtain reform was outside the political arena. Stanton demanded freedom from gender discrimination in four broad areas of society, including the state, the family, the workplace, and the church.

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Their idea for a sixteenth amendment responded to the failure of the universal suffrage movement to advocate universally for voting rights for wome, which had splintered into a separate movement focused on black male suffrage. This dedication was zealous, and included sometimes racist opposition to the Fifteenth Amendment guaranteeing suffrage regardless of race, because that amendment excluded women.

They argued that the privileges and immunities of the Fourteen Amendment guaranteed citizens the privilege of voting. Anthony was famously arrested for her attempt. The U. Supreme Court, however, struck down this interpretation of the Privileges and Immunities Clause in the case of Minor v.

Happersett, holding that voting was a privilege of state law, not federal citizenship. Women then renewed efforts to pass a constitutional amendment. Republican Representative Oregln W. Meanwhile, suffrage leaders increased efforts to pass suffrage state by state.

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By the turn of the century, suffrage leaders obtained some limited success, with a few states adopting suffrage in school board elections, municipal elections, or presidential elections. Eleven states recognized full suffrage, mostly concentrated in the Western states zex Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and California.

The final political push came from Alice Paul, a new leader of the younger generation of wmoen women. Their subsequent mistreatment in the D.

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The first congressional vote for the Nineteenth Amendment was taken in Februaryand it passed upon its second deliberation in the House of Representatives in May 21,and in the Senate on June 4,both by the necessary two-thirds majorities. A few states quickly ratified the Nineteenth Amendment within a week of passage. One argument was that granting women the right to vote diluted the male vote, a position the Supreme Court summarily rejected in Leser v.

Another argument was that ratification of meeyings constitutional amendment, like the vote or Prohibition, had to be approved by the public citizenry, rather than the state legislatures, sdx argument the Court also rejected in Hawk v.

From 19th amendment to era

Yet, implementation of the Nineteenth Amendment was uneven. In some states, the right to vote did not extend to correlative rights to hold public office or serve on juries.

The right to vote also did not extend to women who were black, Asian, or Native American, who were prohibited by other race-based laws jeetings voting. The Voting Rights Act of removed many of these barriers, as did the McCarran-Walter Act of applicable to women of Asian descent, and the Indian Citizenship Act and subsequent state court cases in the late s applicable to Native American women. To address each of these at once, Paul meetinngs an Equal Rights Amendment that would amend the federal Constitution to guarantee equality in all areas of legal rights without regard to sex.

The more conservative League women did not agree with the platform of employment and workplace equality favored by the professional and business women of the NWP. The social feminists of the labor and union movements were concerned that an ERA would curtail advances made in the area of worker protection, often premised on the need to protect women workers who were weaker than men. This battle between equality and labor activists was emphasized in the decision of the U.

Supreme Court in Adkins v.

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Sutherland had advised Alice Paul, and he seemed influenced by an amicus brief submitted by Paul. Thus, a constitutional amendment about voting changed the entire system of gendered legal rights, and demanded gender equality in all places including the workplace. It was an amazing win for gender equality, but demonstrated that labor rights seemed to be in direct opposition to gender equality. The Adkins case, however, would not stand long, as the Supreme Court would reverse itself over a decade later in favor of laws protecting women.

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We have literature, including brochures, that can help answer your questions. Nearly all of our meetings are "closed", meaning only those who desire freedom from lust are members. At every meeting those attending are reminded of our commitment to anonymity and confidentiality. Our SA International Office maintains the general information web site. There are several ways for you to get information or make contact with us, as follows: For local area meetings go to the Meetings link or download a meeting list in PDF format.

If you need to talk meetinga someone before you come to a meeting, please call our hotline at You will be called back within a short time. You can to us at information saportlandmetro.

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Someone will reply back within a short time. We also have phone meetings that you can call into.

You can order literature for yourself or your group here.