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This movie features Jo van Fleet, a terrific actress who has been forgotten. As usual, her performance carries the movie.

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This movie features Jo van Fleet, a terrific actress who has been forgotten. As usual, her performance carries the movie. Some should remember her as the mother of the James Dean character in East of Eden, where her scenes with Dean are the most powerful in the film. Kazan said in an interview he considered van Fleet a "great" actress, and expressed irritation that she had been "forgotten.

One reviewer here is so fixated on politics that he really uses his pretense of gy this movie to give his own personal political views, which are of no interest to uHnter, and which do not belong in a forum of this type.

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Was this review helpful? Jo Van Fleet - Underrated Genius mrbentley2 22 November This is a most remarkable film, chronicling a piece of Americana and presenting a compelling image of the tragedy of progress. To reiterate what others have stated, the fact that her performance was not even nominated for an Oscar is an outrage! I tend to disagree with other reviewers in regards to the subplot between Monty Clift and Lee Remick; I feel their scene slow things down and I find myself fast-forwarding past them to get to the match of will between Clift and Van Fleet.

And Monty Clift becomes nemesis and savior. sedking

But their scenes together are a total yawn when the good stuff involves the reason Clift is there to begin with - not just his cat-and-mouse with Van Fleet, but all the other obstacles he faces from the rest of the populace of the rural south in the 's. Still, an incredible film and worth viewing over and over again. The traditionalist. Dams were created to assist in this enterprise and to harness the vast energy of the raging waters through turbines which in turn created electricity for communities that still lived in the "dark ages.

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Hunger The TVA, in order to complete its mission, must relocate all the residents within a particular area slated for water relocation but Mrs Ella Garth, an old hard-as-nails woman living on a small island in the middle of the valley, refuses to leave her land for any price. Kazan contrasts rugged individualism, so much a part of the Nation's heritage, with an activist Federal Government citing the best interests of the community.

The traditional attachment that the South has to "the land", where "the elements" are an ldaies part of life is contrasted with the North's reliance on technology to tame the elements. The sophisticated Montgomery, full of enthusiasm and conviction for his mission, is immediately jolted into reality first by the steadfast conviction of the old landowner in a towering display of acting by Jo Van Fleetthen by overt Racism "for a minute I forgot where I was.

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His passions are aroused by Carol Lee RemickMrs Garth's stepdaughter, who is suffering from under stimulation, both physically and mentally. Widowed for over two years, she lives with her two children and the old woman on the island. When the handsome, educated Chuck arrives on the scene, she finds in him a source of combustion to feed a very deep well of passion.

Once ignited, the fire threatens to envelope Chuck's controlled existence and intensify Carol's feelings of displacement. Rarely has confusion, vulnerability and molten sexuality been rendered more effective by an actress.

Remick completely dispenses with any pretense about her sexual and emotional hunger and sets the screen on fire! While still smoldering, she manages to convey her separate, but equally passionate emotions for man and child during a tender scene between Clift and her daughter.