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See Moretriangle-down Video Transcript We had sex y scenes I fear connected with chase emotional exists really truly think I am a better person with you this is your bachelor greatest seasons ever soon grab your glasses it's time for roses and android hi everybody it's me more seema yes I think Episode Four Fetcher it?

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There were many no no. I'm so sorry. Oh first.

Don't cry for me Argentina Yes, I have to say Swee don't know who this woman was, but that was one of the most high brow performances we've ever had on a bachelor's. I was Fletchfr talented and you know I love a musical, but that's not gonna be our Flether painful goodbye of the season brace yourselves as early as Samuel Jackson and Jurassic Park would say hold on to your butts hold on to your butts if you're in a car listening to this, what you should not be driving safely, But yeah buckle up.

We'll be back with it after the break. And we're back in here to talk about Luke and things didn't go well. I'm sorry take a moment, say goodbye. This is a set of stairs guys. Naughty Lydia Okay. Stop it. Lauren Okay.

Oh yes everybody I remember being shocked by this breakup then and how did you feel watching Luke and JoJo's goodbye now it's still sad to me. This is not. It is the shock in Luke's face don't drink every time he looks like what the. He didn't see it coming. I had no clue but Jojo's tears did start coming up. It's not hard and the biggest problem was.

He didn't want me. It's not that. Yes, why did she say? What do you sxe think Why did Jojo said the comb he did say maybe he didn't say he loved her soon enough. I had no clue I wasn't saying enough, but she herself seem so torn up about it and this wajt one of the many things that I think made Jojo a really good lead She really felt it when she sent someone home.

Chris thanks for having me on and Luke does seem to be doing well now I did not know he was saying I was looking for love. I thought he was dating somebody. I must be a little behind on my social media, He seems to not be single and oh my gosh Chris Harrison says. Come to Paradise. I have a little Womab down in Mexico. I'm just saying someday, maybe we see you down there but from Tantric yoga.

In hometowns and this is one of those times when I really love the show because as much as it is a reality television show full of drama and conflict and sexiness that gives us an escape.

Sometimes it's grounded in those really breakthrough personal moments for people chase had come from a messy divorce. I grew up in a divorced family. I was really bad, he talked about that openly on the show, which was admirable and beautiful and. Also seem to grow on the show. It's a new experience for me to open up to somebody. It's a great thing to witness the open discussion the vulnerability the emotional advancement, saying the word love to somebody is it's scary.

Chase had a hard time saying I love you and he said it to a Jojo percent in love with you and even though that was great, it did bring. Of the toughest moments, Thank you for telling me that so chase gets to the fantasy suites and I don't remember where they were because one thing I have noticed is that this cliffs notes show is not noting where we are going. I don't remember where fantasies happen, but chase gives us some clues and we're in this magical place with monkeys and fishermen, salt water and fish.

There are monkeys fisherman and salt Sweet woman want hot sex Fletcher and fish. Where are they chase is going to say to Jojo? I love you percent in love with you and when he does it makes her realize. I just jumped over a hurdle that I've never done before and now I'm skewed. I know I don't know I'm shattered. One word choices, I mean what do you want me to say you gotta tell yourself to get back up guys?

I've said this before I'll say it again, it's a dark sounding statement, but if you turn to it and embrace it and believe it it will set you free and this is it No one is coming to save you.

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Think about it nobody's coming, you're all you got at the end of the day. Your family, your friends your lovers at the end of the day You are all you got so you gotta pick yourself back up and keep going. Bachelor historians I call upon you had anyone been sent home right as they were about to enter a fantasy suite before that's what happened with Chase and Jojo and it was agonizing Chas. I mean I will say this for chase he was wearing a fabulous like White linen shirt, which I love to see a man wearing a beachy environment.

He's like a sexy pirate okay, but that's sexy, Pirate walked away. I didn't know what to do so he. The beer I will never forget that you guys chase is walking away He had just been as he said skewed and shattered SD. Now I'm shattered like a glass kebab of a human being and he cracked a beer got in the van and clearly told a producer it felt like he'd been.

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Yeah, that's like, pull your pants down and kick me in the nuts. Cheers to chase for getting through cheers to chase Forgetten through so that was a lot. And I think they knew that we needed a little bit of a light moment as we were processing that blast from the past, so they now seem to have named our weekly catch up with a random of Bachelor nation. It's the quarantine check in Bachelor in quarantine.

Check in.

It's like that thing where you're you know you're doing a bit, but I really am going down the stairs. What did I take the stairs? Okay, this is asking for trouble, No thyself get a wxnt glass.

Sensitive Florida man but the sensitive Florida man says a Florida man That's the first I've ever been called that so double the pleasure we also get a Fletcheer in from Matt James Our new Bachelor Sammons suit on GMA and then you pan woma and you see that our bachelor doesn't have pants on yup and this time. Leg is bachelor announcement he's got pants on. We'll take him either way. It's great.

I am so excited as I've said you guys for Matt season. I think it's gonna be awesome. Is you know what's gonna happen? We're also gonna get a little Cameron drop in so it's just gonna be so much fun. I actually couldn't be more excited for the next two seasons. Claire is gonna be amazing television. She has been Sweeet time she's been on the show and I think she's going to bring a mat. To the show that should be dramatic and interesting in a way we haven't had in a while we've had a really young le in the past couple of seasons and then Matt season will hopefully bring this next phase of evolution and diversity for the franchise and you guys need it.

I need a new seasons.

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I need them to air. But back to the past and Robbie Hayes is in the final two. I am in love with Robbie but also in the final two were Jojo and Jordan. I'm crazy about you. I'm in love with you with lots of sexy moments, kisses up against the Wall and lots of great therapy moments. They seem to have very real discussions like when Swete was talking about getting heartbroken by Ben I wanna spend. My life with you, That's what Ben said. Oh, but then we're gonna get another break. Yes Jojo at to say, oh, no, no no to Robbie Hayes.

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I want yours to Robbi for his speech when he was about to propose my future Longs for you my heart yearns for you. It was very beautiful and then again because he's such a great lead. It's galore What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below now. Not catch up with Chase or with Robbie and I've seen some of you asking you know how are these decisions being made who we catch up with when I really don't know, I think it's probably a combination of a variety of factors I would imagine in some cases.

It's like let's not catch up with that person who le no longer with because it would feel disrespectful to them and maybe in some cases, people were reached out to and they didn't wanna come into a ketchup interview. I don't think it's a set protocol. I think it's ving. Figuring out the stemless glass and that's when I spilled. I'm gonna lift each other up so Robbi is gone, but Jordan is coming and Jojo is ready. I'm ready to spend the rest of my life with Jordan.

Yes Jojo knows she's in love with Jordan.

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She is so ready. She can't even say on camera the only thing that's getting me through this moment. It's just the thought Flletcher seeing Jordan she talks about how Jordan being on his way is the only thing getting her through the day. I'm ready I am. Ready And she just walks out of the shot. And Jordan had a good speech too.

You're my best friend. Wany my soulmate. I'm gonna keep you safe. I'm gonna protect you this season brought us sexiness introspective sadness and ultimately don't drink every time, they said. I love you and I love you. I love you, I love you so much. I love you. I love you so much. I'm in love with you and I love you. So many, I love yous.

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Oh, he really was sweet to watch everybody We were witnessing two people who had not been able to freely Fletcjer that to each other back and forth and to just hear it to see it. Oh it lifted me up. They've changed a lot of people and there was a point that for. It was like well, can we do this? We sat down together like we love each other, but it's not enough right now we kinda just it was a fork in the road and we chose to stay together growth and change.

I think we gotta believe people can grow and change guys. Otherwise, what are we all doing here?

What more can we ask what else is life about if not evolving? So that was Joel Fletcher season of the bachelorettes Everybody. What did you think of this episode? Looking for a grave yard shift free granny chat room friend casual dating Glen Alpine North Carolina Ladies looking sex tonight Fletcher Busco una latina m4w Hola estoy buscando una chica super activa y lista para follar duro, vivo aqui en provo, y tengo mi propia casa, si desea venir aqui, esta bien.

Yo womxn alto, atletico, y listo por una chica. Your xex got the karaoke guy to sneak you in at the last minute, and we were chatting after about where we were potentially moving.

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I Fletcheg giving you my and my dramatic friends ran over and interrupted the whole situation. Flehcher said " Maybe I'll see you in New Orleans!? Respond with the right name, and what song youand I'll be so happy to continue conversing with you! C'mon Karma, we're due! And the only way to prove it's a girl's shit and not my own is to get a of you don't show your face in it if you're embarrassed, you can hold the shoebox or something in front of your face if you want.

It would be worth it for me to pay you a few bucks if you insist on compensation for gas money to meet me or whatever. You'll be doing me a huge favor. You can just or text me a if you prefer. And if you wouldn't mind 'going' in a plastic bag and then putting it in the box I would appreciate it to avoid contact. I'm being Fletcuer real right now, I just want to the challenge and a free night at N Fletchdr, and I won't judge you at all if you don't judge me, lol.

Next week's scavenger hunt had better not involve anyone's shit lol.