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Wanted brown eyed mariposa

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Guest Oct could you help me find "Idaho's fuzzy brown and black Caterpillars" and let me know what it is thanks a. Guest Sep I have this little hairless light brown that I found on some milkweed, eye Ontario, Canada. He has 2 darker stripes near his head, and 1 by his rear.

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Guest Oct eyd you help me find "Idaho's fuzzy brown and black Caterpillars" and let me know what it is thanks a. Guest Sep I have this little hairless light brown that I found on some milkweed, in Ontario, Canada. He has 2 darker stripes near his head, and 1 by his rear.

I can't find out what he is. Does anyone know? Katen Marie Bender Sep I just found this caterpillar and it appears to be fairly aggressive. I have never seen one like this before. Anyone know what kind it is?

Joy Jul I have found three pretty big pink caterpillars in my house. THey had racing strips that is the best description that maroposa son and I could think of on the sides of their body and a eye like thing on their back.

Does anyone know what they are? Guest Jul So does anyone know what kind of butterfly the brown smooth caterpillar with a few round tan circles on it's back, will become?

Which is the better plum mariposa or elephant heart?

Robyn Lyn Cagle Mine looks like the Crimson patch but instead of black it was brown and smoother. Guest Jun I have some caterpillars eating the fennel in my back yard. What kind of butterfly will they become? Guest Jun I found a tiny black caterpillar in my backyard in mobile, alabama. It has yellow and seemingly dusty blue stripes on it's side that go lengthwise and seems to have a small fuzzy band behind its head. I didn't see a pic of it here and I want to know what it mxriposa.

The trials of mariposa

The little is less than an inch long. I have photos that I took in my garden and cannot find what they are. I found another site at butterflies and moths. Ray May just seen simmilar to swallow tail but no spikes dark brown top yellowy orange under 3inches long moving from my lake to trhe undergrowth Apr I published that accidentally without adding: This little guy is creating quite a problem in Bali.

The itch causes my wife to experience shortage of breath and she needs to go on anti-histermines. She has even suffered arrhythmia from the itch. I am more fortunate, I decided to clean out my white tiled workshop to remove the itch. I swept and mopped the floor.

Isabella lovestory, "mariposa"

The itch started at my feet and slowly rose to my mid-section and then my chest. I sprayed the workshop area with a typical insecticide as, at the time, I suspected brownn kind of mite. I dashed to the pool and rinsed but the only true relief came from a Chinese Menthylated grease rub that I applied all over and this relieved the itching. I live on a 30 era property in Bali with Wantes Mango trees.

The entire back yard was off limits until the threat went away, it was horrible. I am not interested in spraying the caterpillars, I would prefer to introduce a natural predator, can you help me. I would like to know the name of the Caterpillar and its Predator, that I suspect might be a bird. My regards, Steve K Balisteve Apr Dear Tom, can you take a look at the Caterpillar in my Gallery as I would like to know its Biological name so I can introduce a natural Predator to reduce a serious itch problem in my yard in Bali Indonesia.

Mariposa: the little co-op that could

I thank you in advance for any help you can give me. I've searched every site - no luck :- It's a lovely green with black dashes going the length of it's mariopsa, each side of it's back. It was found eating a gourd left in the garden 2 days ago, and it happily eats apples now in captivity. It's not quite an inch long, but very thick!

We're in Boise, Idaho.

My 8yo son and I would sure like to know it's species. It's been a wonderful houseguest! Thank you for your lovely site!!! Any ideas? Donna What a wonderful site and resource -- great pictures that capture important distinguishing ryed.

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Thank you! Guest Sep Your pictures are great.

If you were to post a picture of the butterfly next to the caterpillar picture it would sure help at least me in identifing which caterpillar goes with which butterfly in my garden. Thanks for posting these pictures. I am going to show my grandson. Does anyone know what this is please?

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Dave Sep I just found magiposa light brown caterpillar with silver stripes on its sides and one eye. Never seen one like this before, very interesting. I was sad not to see that change into chyrsalis?

Candace This is an amazing and valuable site - thank you for sharing. Mike Savage Aug i live in New Hampshire and on a Hibiscus leaf I saw a caterpillar with red looking eyes, two black antennae, yellow bulbs on it's upper back, wide white furry hair that tappers down about browb down it's back and becomes very white with a black stripe down the middle and it has a brown tail with a black tip.

Very interesting caterpillar. If someone can help me ID it that would be great. Guest Aug i found a green caterpillar that is tiny and has brown marks on it!